New Release from ZL Greenwood “Old Growth Echoes”

Welcome to the calm of a Vancouver Island west coast rain forest, featuring the calls of birds native to this environment.

Bird List Time Line for Old Growth Echoes
1:14 Band Tailed Pidgeon
1:46 Northern Goshawk
2:34 Spotted Owl
2:50 Olive Sided Flycatcher
3:03 Western Screech Owl
3:18 Spotted Owl

Stream “Old growth Echoes” here

About ZL Greenwood

ZL Greenwood is an electronic experimental musician based on Vancouver Island. With a background in technology and jazz playing, he blends electronic and conventional instruments with found sounds to create unique and captivating music. His lifelong love for music and the natural world have come together to create a truly unique soundscapes.

His latest CD release “The World Around Us” can be streamed at

2 thoughts on “New Release from ZL Greenwood “Old Growth Echoes”

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  1. Thanks Brian I really like this. I am just in from a 2.5 hour dog walk in just this kind of forest off Indian River road in North Van near Deep Cove. My friend and her Westie live there more or less in the forrest. Mostly robins, varied thrushes and other small birds today. I did see a solitary Turkey vulture spiraling on a thermal.

    When the weather picks up we want to make a long delayed trip over to the island and hopefully you guys will want to come over here.

    Cheers, Barry.

    P.S. I had a fairly ‘big’ birthday recently. Seven of us partied for seven hours. This is our place. New unfinished entrance.


    1. Well happy belated Birthday ! … you usally pop up on my calendar… darn computers ! I am planning a trip to Vancouver within the next month or so, to soak up a little live music. I will definitely look you up when I go !


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